#69 | What does a really great fundraising event look like?

I was grateful for the opportunity to connect with Danielle Snelson for a number of reasons. After our paths had crossed on social media, it was about time that we set aside some time for a meaningful conversation. I appreciated Danielle’s willingness to experiment with a different format that I would like to see become the mainstay approach to my future podcast conversations. While my traditional interview format makes for more predictable outcomes, I believe less scripted conversations will afford a more enjoyable experience for my listeners as well as for me and my guest. Granted, such an approach might be messier at times, but isn’t that what relationships are all about.

For this test run, I’d say the less scripted approach worked just fine. We began with the goal of describing what a really successful special event looks like. From the outset, Danielle knew that I wasn’t a fan of the endless number of galas and golf tournaments that clutter many of my client’s calendars. Danielle offered some very insightful observations about what makes or breaks an event and how organizers should go about planning them. Despite the fact that our original conceptions of what a great event looks like, I’d say we were more aligned than we might imagined.

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Jason Lewis