#73 | Does the fundraising profession need a makeover?

It was certainly a pleasure to catch-up with Karen Senger in advance of my visit next week with the AFP Sierra Chapter. I was quite flattered when Karen categorized me in the big leagues with thought leaders such as Greg Warner, Vu Le, and Dan Pallotta.

After we exchanged notes on our experiences in Reno, Karen shared with me that she believes fundraising is due for a makeover and that the titles we’re assigned may be a good place to start. I shared with Karen that I believe the job descriptions that accompany our titles could be a more strategic way to address some of the challenges we routinely encounter.

Karen and I discussed several of the deliberate practices that I introduced in The War for Fundraising Talent. Instead of being laser-focused on quantitative indicators that are largely beyond our control, I believe fundraisers need to insist that their boards and bosses embrace indicators that are more qualitative and ensure a more meaningful experience for both the donor and the fundraiser.

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Jason Lewis