#72 | If they ran parliament, could fundraising professionals have prevented Brexit?

With more than 70 episodes and guests representing several countries, I am surprised that the ordeal playing out in Europe, and the impact that Brexit is having on philanthropy, has not been discussed sooner. As I am quick to admit, I am not especially versed on what Brexit means for Britain and the rest of the world; so I was very grateful that Sian Mexsom agreed to offer me and my listeners a primer.

While I am quite familiar with the path that most fundraisers have traversed here in the US, I was intrigued to hear Sian’s professional journey. I suspect that most fundraisers, those from both sides of the Atlantic, will be interested in her experience as well as the evolution of the fundraising profession over her two decades in the field.

Before we wrapped up, I could not resist having some fun and asking whether fundraisers, if given the opportunity to run parliament, could have prevented Brexit and, if not, how might the process have played out differently. I tend to agree with Sian that the process would certainly have been more collaborative with everyone more adaptive and more responsive to each other’s differences of opinions.

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Jason Lewis